Like I said my name is Ruby and I started as a web cam model when I was 19 and at university in the UK.

I successfully passed my Law Degree and now choose to work in the cam modeling industry full time as it suits my lifestyle and the money is amazing!

With me holding your hand I can help you start off, gain confidence and provide you with first hand experience with the do's & don'ts of this industry via Email or Skype, 24 hours a day if need be until you find your feet.

I can guarantee you that if you put your heart into it for the hours you choose, then you will be amazed at your own earning potential that will far exceed any of your expectations for a job which is basically working from home!

I pride myself on the fact that I have been where you are now, no money, crazy part time hours to make ends meet, so I totally understand the apprehension that you will inevitably be feeling. This is why I personally will liaise with every one of you who are considering this opportunity and be there when you need me.